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Cherokee Homecoming

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January 2012

 I am convinced that airplanes have personalities. When we get to really know our planes, we know when they are happy and when they are grumpy, when they are feeling good and want to fly, and when they are begrudgingly doing their job.

In addition to having their good and bad days, aircraft also come from somewhere, just like we do; they have a birthplace. Just like a person who hasn’t been home in a long time, I think bringing a plane back to where it was born is a special thing. Last summer, I took the opportunity to bring my Piper Cherokee back to where she was born.


A Real Working Airplane

Some trips are more special than others, especially when you use your aircraft for travel with regularity. In my case, my 1967 Piper Cherokee (N9749J) is what I fly on a regular basis. My work takes me to airports—to conduct checkrides, to instruct, or to travel in my work as Executive Director of the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI).

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