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Flying the Warrior

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October 2005- I had spent hours in the 1976 Warrior II (PA-28-151) working on my instrument rating. It was 1989, I was 19 years old and was going to college and working at Executive Air in Green Bay, Wis. as a ramp rat; learning the ropes, literally from the ground up. I would work the morning shift and finish the day flying.

Before flying the Warrior, all my time was in Cessna aircraft. The first thing I noticed was that the tapered low wing would float down the runway. I needed to peg that final approach speed, adjusted for weight, each time, or I would hover down the runway, using up asphalt.

I liked the aircraft the moment I flew it. I really liked sitting on the wing and when I made turns, the wing would bank away and clear the view. I felt that the Warrior, with the dihedral wing, handled turbulence and bumps better.... but, that could just be me.

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