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Seneca Mods

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October 2004 -

When I bought 1176X four years ago, I really did not plan to restore or modify the aircraft in any way, but as I got into the project, I discovered that there are more than 50 Supplemental Type Certificated products or modification for the PA-34-200T.
These STCs can be for things as simple as a better sun visor to as complicated as a vortex generator set that actually changes the way the aircraft flies. After careful consideration, I selected the STCs that I felt yielded the best "bang for the buck."
Maintenance issues compelled me to purchase the Bogart Oil Filter Access Door STC. This modification allows you to perform an oil change, including the filter, without dropping the lower cowl.
Copper starter cables were purchased because the factory-installed aluminum cables drew so much current that the aircraft was difficult to start under any conditions. The copper cables were so effective you could almost taxi the airplane on the starter motor alone.
The one-piece windshield and Rosen sun visors came with the aircraft, though I would have opted for both of them. The same for the JPI engine analyzer. I don't see how you can properly operate a turbocharged piston engine without one.
The Nayak auxiliary nacelle tanks were also installed on the aircraft when I purchased it. This mod brings total fuel capacity to 128 gallons.

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