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Pacific Oil Cooler Service: The Heat Exchange Experts

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January 2012


Paul Saurenman, owner of Pacific Oil Cooler Service (POCS) and Aero-Classics Heat Transfer Products Inc., stood in front of Jen and Kent Dellenbusch, publishers of Piper Flyer, and me, freelance aviation writer who after 45 years in the av bizz views all things aeronautical with a shade of skepticism, and told us that the average light plane’s oil cooler acts as an oil filter and becomes more choked up with carbon as engine hours pile up. During the POCS oil cooler cleaning process, Saurenman explained, “about a full ChapStick tube of carbon and metal particles” are cleaned out of the average cooler.

Saurenman went on informing us about oil coolers when he said, “The passages in a new oil cooler are smaller than the diameter of a piece of 0.032 safety wire.”

He ought to know; he’s been in the heat exchanger—oil coolers are the most common General Aviation heat exchanger—refurbishment business for over 25 years. Saurenman recently expanded his business to include Aero-Classics, a state-of-the-art heat exchanger manufacturing company.

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