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Pirep: Brightline’s Pilot Bag

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February 2012

I will start right off and tell you that I really like the Pilot Bag manufactured by BrightLine Bags. The bag is built well, performs as advertised, and after several months of use seems likely to last a long time. I would not hesitate to recommend it to a friend.

It has already passed, with flying colors, my personal test of zippered devices of any sort—the “Is the zipper any damn good?” test—which I routinely apply to anything I think about using, whether to hold laptops or iPads, safeguard my fly rods, rifles, or shotguns and especially to things designed to keep me warm and dry (like the many jackets that routinely fail).

BrightLine’s bag has real zippers with absolutely no wimpishness about them. They work, they don’t stick and they have about 20 teeth to the inch. (OK, so I once worked for a Garment District magnate who specialized in ladies’ raincoats and I know from zippers, as they say in the old country.)

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