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Need Pilot Supplies? Look to Pilotshop.com

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March 2012


Pilots and airplane owners always need new stuff. Flying’s like that. The stuff could be a new headset, a bigger flight bag, or flight simulation software. Unlike other hobbies, airplane stuff can’t be purchased at Wal-Mart—or Neiman Marcus, for that matter. Airplane stuff requires an “Airplane Stuff” store.

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, a megastore for all things airplane, has branched out again with Pilotshop.com. The Pilotshop.com catalog is full of cool airplane stuff, useful airplane stuff, and must-have-to-be-safe airplane stuff. There’s also fun-for-the-family airplane stuff.

Pilotshop.com has airplane pedal cars for the future pilots in the family; flight simulation accessories such as throttle quadrants, yokes and a fistful of different software offerings so pilots (and not-yet-big-enough-to-fly junior pilots) can hone their flying skills; aviation-themed gifts so the family’s non-pilot can join in the airplane fun; and learning and educational flying-oriented information on DVDs and in books. Pilotshop.com even has Mutt Muffs to protect Fido’s ears.

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