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Sennheiser S1 Headset Pilot

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November 2012


Recently I flew with my friend Dean in his single engine aircraft. I was photographing our friend’s newest airplane, so I opened the window. This rather large opening created lots of fresh air. And lots of wind noise.

Dean and I just shouted back and forth to each other (cross-cockpit, that is) to communicate. Even though it was a relatively short flight, I could feel that my vocal chords were strained after we landed.

Now I am climbing out as the pilot a larger aircraft, which obviously creates a greater amount of wind noise than in Dean’s plane. I never realized how loud it was in this cockpit, either, until I donned my new Sennheiser Digital S1 headset. All that air rushing up over the nose of my plane has been reduced to what sounds like a very light breeze.

After turning on the headset’s active noise reduction, it gets even more unbelievably quiet in the cockpit. With ANR canceling out all of the unwanted noise, I’m able to hear other, more important things. Like the radios.

With a Sennheiser S1, I can listen to the ATIS while still monitoring the active ATC frequency. I was not able to do this in the past—with other headsets, that is. Before, I would always have to completely turn down one of the radios to hear the other radio. This headset is so quiet that all I hear is the beginning and end of the trim motor engagement.

The audio quality is by far the best of any headset that I have worn in the past. However, if the audio is not to your liking, you can adjust it manually by changing the bass and/or treble. Everyone’s ears are different, so this is a great added feature to make the S1 sound even better to you.

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